Peter Purchase - Author
Peter Purchase

Born in 1940, I was fortunate to grow up in Mombasa on the Kenya coast. One of my goals in life was to research the Arab, Chinese, Portuguese and Dutch explorers who sailed along the East African Swahili coast for centuries.

I migrated to Perth, Western Australia, in 1963. After a 7-year stint as a High School teacher, I transferred to Human Resources and worked on remote mine sites in the Pilbara, Northern Territory and Papua New Guinea. This brought me into close contact with local Indigenous people. I found their culture, deep rooted love of country, resilience and unfailing sense of humour inspirational.

I retired in 2008 and since then have dedicated myself to writing fictional novels based on historical themes. 3 of these comprise the Truth and Reconciliation Trilogy. They draw on 20 years of archival research undertaken in Australia and the Netherlands (Zeeland), and an appreciation of Australia’s First Nations people, who have survived the effects of European settlement and colonialism. The trilogy gives you a fresh look at Australia’s colonial history and reflects the current dialogue between the Aboriginal First Nation people and the rest of Australia.

I trust you enjoy reading the novels as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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