The Glass Cenotaph by Peter Purchase - Book 1 in the Truth and Reconciliation Trilogy

The Glass Cenotaph

Book 1 in the Truth and Reconciliation Trilogy

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In the late 1990s, Stefan’s life is unravelling.  A brilliant glass technician, his business is failing and his Aboriginal partner, Tania, has left him without explaining why.

In the midst of this turmoil, Aboriginal Australian sculptor Lennard Currie contacts Stefan and invites him to Fremantle. He plans to model a cenotaph on Jandamarra’s Rock in the Kimberley—where he lost the love of his life, Rosalie. He needs Stefan’s skills with glass to aid him in the creation of his monument, intended to commemorate the estimated 20,000 Aborigines massacred during colonial settlement and be a beacon of truth and reconciliation for the Aboriginal community.

They face unexpected challenges, disheartening setbacks and threats of violence.  But they must succeed, to give a voice to Australia’s First Nations people, their ancestors and future generations.

THE LIFE & TIMES OF GERRIT DE WAAL - by Peter Purchase - Book 2 in the Truth and Reconciliation Trilogy

The Life & Times of Gerrit de Waal

Book 2 in the Truth and Reconciliation Trilogy

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Also available at all major booksellers such as Booktopia, Dymocks, Angus & Robertson.

Gerrit de Waal’s world is thrown into confusion when his seafaring father’s ship mysteriously disappears in the Indian Ocean in 1694. He’s eight years old and growing up in cosmopolitan Middelburg, Zeeland, during the Dutch Golden Age. How will he survive to adulthood?

At twenty-six, determined to find out what happened to his father, Gerrit signs on as senior carpenter aboard the Zuytdorp. He wants to trace his father’s footsteps and see if he can be found. What if his ship was wrecked off the coast of Eendrachtsland? (Known to us as Western Australia.) Gerrit will do anything to see if the crew survived.

Brilliant glass technician Stefan Novak uses the notes, charts and sketches of his friend, celebrated Aboriginal Australian sculptor Lennard Currie, to write a novel based on Gerrit’s life. Lennard has researched the de Waal family and believes that his family tree intertwines with theirs.

Alicia by Peter Purchase- Book 3 in the Truth & Reconciliation Trilogy

Alicia – Chance Encounters

Book 3 in the Truth and Reconciliation Trilogy
Due in 2022 – currently in progress

Growing up in the turbulent 1960’s in Mexico, part-indigenous Alicia Serrano lives in a world filled with joy and sorrow. Keenly intelligent and a promising athlete, she learns from an early age how her choices impact her life and the fate of those around her. She comes to appreciate the true meaning of family and love, of politics, and of justice and injustice.

In 1988, while training for the Seoul Olympic trials, she meets the love of her life, Australian kayaker Alain Lefroy. He and his team are planning to become the first to kayak down the Niger River in West Africa, from the source to the sea. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she decides to join them. Forced to confront her greatest fear, she makes a choice between life and death.

She eventually travels to Western Australia, determined to re-establish her life and find peace. She accepts an assignment studying the Aboriginal languages spoken in Arnhem Land, in the Northern Territory. While travelling north through spectacular landscapes reminiscent of home, she reviews her life. Has she made the right decision? Will it confirm her life has purpose and meaning? Is it too late to change her mind?

The series explores the impact of colonisation on Australia’s First Nation’s people. Its stories reflect their drive for meaningful recognition, justice and a voice.

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